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Psychic Soul Development

A certification online video class designed to awaken your innate psychic abilities. Now more than ever, you are being called to action to step into the Wayshower that you came here to be. The course consists of 24 weekly video classes of Psychic and Metaphysic development, designed to shift your perception of Earth (physical body) and the Astral (soul body) and help you step into your Authentic Self.

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This Psychic Soul Development Course Empowers You To:


Learn the ways of The Universe and be well equipped to shift the Earth Plane & Soul experiences of yourself and others. You'll learn your personal language of ESP.


Embark on a self-healing path of your physical, emotional & soul's journey.  Along this path of deep self-discovery, you'll uncover your natural ability to heal others.


Step into your natural intuitive self. Learn how to read the two things we are made up of; energy & information. Once you learn the keys to your language, you can read anything.

This program is for you if 


You're tired of living with pain, suffering, guilt, shame, stress, anxiety or fear. 


You're fascinated by the potential of energy and want to learn how to use it to heal yourself and others.


You want to take control of your life by working with (not against) your body's energy system.


You want to enhance your natural intuition and ESP.


You're looking for ways to compliment your current life and healing or coaching practice.  


You know you're a natural healer and light worker.


You want to live more abundantly, enjoy more vitality and experience a supreme mind-body connection.

The Most Comprehensive Psychic Development Class Available 


Crystal is a gifted psychic healer. She was born with a gift, but as an adult learned how to hone and perfect that gift.  She now enjoys teaching others how to access and perfect their own innate psychic abilities. Some of the skills you will learn in this class are:

Psychic Soul Development is a Life Changing Deep Dive into Your Mind, Body & Soul's Natural Energetic Field

In class you’ll embark on a series of tutorials, exercises, and powerful energetic experiences designed to improve your natural psychic abilities!

By the end of this journey, you’ll know how to work with your Spirit Guides & their unique energetic blueprint to awaken your ESP.  This will help you heal & restore your vitality and be a healer to others.

Let go of fear energy, and step into your loving Authentic Self - this is the end result - and guiding you every step of the way is Crystal Heinemann, widely regarded as one of the top psychic development teachers.


Course Syllabus

Meet Your Coach and Teacher

Crystal is an upbeat and joyful beach girl from Ventura, CA. Crystal is a formally trained Clairvoyant Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Development Teacher and Metaphysical Podcast Host & Spiritual Junkie. She is also a proud mom to Luna, her beautiful 4-legged baby :)

Crystal is a proud member of Best American Psychics and Certified Psychic Society. The top two of the US’s most elite, professional psychic directories. Over the last 10 years Crystal has taught dozens of classes on Psychic Development, Metaphysics, Healing & Empowerment.   

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"When I started working with Crystal, I was having many physical challenges with my health. I was overwhelmed by the diagnosis from my doctors so I decided to begin the psychic development class. My initial purpose was to have something that would be fun and interesting each week. The classes opened information in me that reignited my passion for life. By igniting that passion I noticed, the chronic pain was gone, along with many other symptoms. I have found through the meditations, I have tools that help me protect myself from unwanted energy, the ability to get through stressful situations with more calmness, and most of all, my self care and self love is restored. All of this has allowed my body to begin a healing process that have surprised me and the doctors. I am so grateful for all the tools I am learning from Crystal."

CEO & Founder of "I am not afraid to be great!"

"I have always been interested in the world that we cannot see and touch and spent a great deal of my younger years learning about the talents of Edgar Cayce, exploring the Theosophical Society, and reading Colin Wilson and Gurdjieff. However, my education and life led me towards a reliance on hard science which unfortunately left me with a mind set of deep dissatisfaction. As a medical professional, I could not reconcile life and death as a natural process and would emotionally die just a little bit each time a living being under my care would leave our physical plane. Through Crystal’s class I have learned how to channel energy to my patients without draining myself, gained immense insight regarding self care, and have been able to form a solid belief that we are all one, living a continuum of vibrational states. You will be amazed to learn that you also can tap into information that you previously thought was unknowable by everyday people. The classes take you through a step by step process of learning how locate and connect with the magical in our universe."

DVM, Reiki Master, Animal & Human Communicator

"I have had the honor and been recipient of many of Crystal’s services. She is an amazing intuitive and psychic! Through guided meditation and personal readings, she has unveiled so many of the mysteries of my life, with expertise and wisdom. Her ability to access what lies beyond the veil is extraordinary and has helped me reach many of my own personal plateaus, with the encouragement to reach further! Her unique and soothing energy heals body, mind and spirit!"

Angel & Crystal Healer

"Working with Crystal has been mind, body and spirit altering. Learning how to manage energy in a positive way for myself, others, and the universe is one of the most important things a light worker can learn, and so vital to our awakening, and to that of the planet!"

Tina Marie
Psychic Medium & Mom

"Your teachings have changed my life. My conscience awareness and energy awareness are beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I was an emotional wreck and going through a lot of things professionally and personally when I started. From the first class I felt a change. The techniques that I learned I now have incorporated into my daily life. My intuition has greatly increased and I'm aware of more and more. By using the techniques I'm able to more clearly make decisions and work through issues. It helped put all the puzzle pieces together. I work with my healing master all the time and the other beings without bodies. It all has really fallen into place and shown me what I need and how to achieve it. Thank you so very much!"

Government Official

"I had been suffering with fibromyalgia along with PTSD, anxiety, depression and more, until I starting Crystal’s Program and learned tools along with valuable techniques that not only developed my intuitive self but was healed of the fibromyalgia and more. I highly recommend Crystal, I am filled with gratitude and love for her."

Clairvoyant Psychic, Healer & Light Language Activator

"Crystal’s class has been, hands down, the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. It has not only helped me to develop my intuition and skills as a psychic, but has helped me to heal IMMENSELY in my personal life and gain confidence in myself. Crystal is an excellent and compassionate teacher, and her mere presence in my life has helped me to step into my own light and begin to share it with others."

World Wanderer & Healer

"What fun I've had in this course of study, and how much I've learned! I've always wanted to see what's "behind the curtain" and Crystal really helps you do just that!! Her delivery is the perfect combination of information and experience. Her genuine interest in you and what you're trying to achieve is the icing on the cake. I recommend her classes without hesitation to anyone looking to expand their horizons and learn more about themselves and their abilities."

RN, Health & Wellness Advocate

"I'm so grateful I took the Psychic Development course from Crystal, my life has changed on so many levels (mental, emotional and physical). Crystal is an amazing teacher, she makes the subject matter easy to understand and she is so kind, encouraging and well, she rocks!!! I definitely recommend the course!"

Health & Wellness Coach

"Working with Crystal is amazing and frightening at the same time. Allow me to explain: her infectious enthusiasm for this work is so awesome! It is easy to learn tools to assist with your enlightenment, to spark a desire to teach and help others expand their consciousness, and to actually feel equipped to make a difference in the world. Amazing. Frightening at the sheer potential that she illuminates in each of her students. It is truly an honor to call her my teacher."

Sergeant General of the US Army

"I'm so glad I decided to take the psychic development program. It has helped me understand so much more about life, and why bad things happen to good people and why good things happen to bad people. I feel like there is no information that is completely off limits anymore, even if it takes its sweet time coming to me. I believe with these tools and patience I can be my best self and live my best life. I don't think anyone would regret taking this course. "


"My experience working with Crystal and her Mind, Body, and Spirit Program was life-altering. I came into it not truly believing in myself and confused with what I had to offer, and I left the program feeling truly empowered and confident as the sovereign divine being that I am now. Crystal believed so deeply in every one of us, and her unconditional support, excitement, and love was felt at all times. Her teachings and techniques were beyond powerful, manageable, and malleable for anyone at any stage of their psychic development. Just after one week of using her methods I felt my entire energy body shift, allowing and trusting higher energies and messages to flow through me much easier than before. My health, mind, body, and gifts only expanded from there, to places that I didn't even imagine when starting out. Crystal's constant reminder that it was okay to have all our feelings about this process and still have the ability to move forward immediately allowed my doubts and fears to naturally dissolve away without judgement. From the deepest part of my heart, I am forever grateful for Crystal and this experience."

Energy Healer, Reader, Metaphysical Store Owner

"I definitely want to continue classes with you. I have learned so much and now live so much more in the flow with the universe. The angels and creator have been with me the whole way through all this. No way I could be doing all this and staying happy and healthy if I didn’t have all the tools and techniques I’ve learned from you. Thank you so very much!"

Purdue University Graduate

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Awakening The Psychic Soul E-book

Monthly Membership Access to Classes

Each week you'll receive:

  • A Video Course Lecture
  • Healing Meditations
  • Class Notes
  • Lifetime of weekly Psychic Reading Workshops to practice your virtual live psychic readings
  • Access to Private Student Community
  • Email Access to Crystal
  • Graduation & Certification

*Add'l add-on option of 1:1 private classes with Crystal

* After 7 monthly payments, contact Crystal for lifetime access to program


Regular Price $599.99



Awakening The Psychic Soul E-Book

24- Online Video Classes

Each week you'll receive:

  • Class Module

  • Video Course Lectures

  • Healing Meditations

  • Class Notes

  • Access to weekly Psychic Reading Workshops to practice your virtual live psychic readings for free

  • Access to Private Student Community

  • Email Access to Crystal

  • Graduation & Certification

*Add'l add-on option of 1:1 private classes with Crystal


Regular Price $199



Awakening The Psychic Soul E-Book

24- Online Video Classes

Each week you'll receive:

  • Class Module

  • Video Course Lectures

  • Healing Meditations

  • Class Notes

  • Access to weekly Psychic Reading Workshops to practice your virtual live psychic readings for free

  • Access to Private Student Community

  • Email Access to Crystal

  • Graduation & Certification

*Add'l add-on option of 1:1 private classes with Crystal


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