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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”


Where Focus Goes,
Energy Flows.


I specialize in guiding individuals through psychic development, meditation, and mentorship to uncover their soul purpose and master their energy fields for a life of ease, grace, altruistic love, joy, and divine prosperity. As a Transformation Guide, I facilitate spiritual growth and personal empowerment.


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I'm Crystal.
Transformation Guide.

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For decades, I struggled with being a people pleaser, avoiding confrontation, and neglecting my own needs. Through courage and determination, I peeled back the layers of my deepest wounds and toxic patterns. Today, standing before you as my most authentic self, I offer guidance and mentorship to help you uncover your own inner strength and live a life of liberation and joy.

My method of mastering energy through meditation, psychic development, and intuitive mentorship offers a transformative path to aligning with your deepest desires. Through personalized guidance and practical techniques, you'll uncover the power within yourself to create the life you truly want. 

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Psychic Development

Discover untapped potential within as you awaken your intuition and journey towards self-mastery.

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Psychic Insight

A channel between the Higher and Physical Self, I offer guidance without judgment, empowering you to navigate life with clarity and confidence.

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Meditation Practices

Take a transformative journey of self-healing and energy alignment with our extensive meditation library.

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My work will help you learn how to transform your biggest blocks so that you can become your most powerful Self – through methods of learning, guidance, and meditation.

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"The classes in Crystal’s Psychic Development series helped me begin to understand who I am. Besides being fun & very exciting, the classes have opened doors to my growth as a human & led me to experience a happiness & peace of mind I’d not known. I started in 2020 & continue to listen to them even today. I cannot recommend the series highly enough."
Carol N.

"For years now, along with Crystal’s Psychic Development classes, I’ve met with her privately via mentorship. Those sessions gave me the push and direction I needed to take my Tarot Card business to the next level. I have found Crystal’s personal one on one guidance invaluable."

Julia W.
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5 Moon Rituals for Manifesting Under the Cancer New Moon

Jul 03, 2024

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