November New Moon Guided Meditation | 417 Hz | Future Self Activation | Aim for the Stars 🏹 💫


New Moon Blessings, #Wayshower

The November New Moon is ruled by the element of Fire in Sagittarius. Guiding us to let go of anything and anyone that isn’t filled with integrity. Activating within us, an empowered state of being. Where we are no longer passive or spectators in our lives. 

Where we consciously CHOOSE to walk through fire to experience a higher expression of love, passion, joy and creation. With the understanding that we are no longer bound or defined by our past! We are FREE to aim our fire arrow and shoot for the stars! Our lives have infinite possibilities that are being created with every beat of our heart. Our future is ours for the taking!

Every new moon, the moon starts a new cycle. As we emulate the cosmos, so do we. In addition, the next 5 New Moon’s are all in 1 degree of their astrological sign. Meaning we are all cosmically going through cycles of brand new chapters personally and collectively. Only when a chapter ends can a new one...

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November Blood Moon Eclipse | 10 Hz Binaural Beats | Break Genetic Cords of Lack | Soul Activation


Welcome to the November Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation!

I’m honored to meditate with you under this highly transformative Total Blood Moon Eclipse. This a long eclipse with the duration being from November 8, 2022 at 1:09am through 4:49am PST. However, with eclipses we feel the effects for around six months, if not longer.

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release and break any generational and ancestral chains that still bind under the power of the lunar eclipse. Next, just as the light from the moon is brought into darkness during a lunar eclipse, so are we. I’ll guide you to integrate your divine light and shadow with the intention of becoming fully whole and stepping into the next phase of who you truly are and what you came here to be.

For an additional layer, the background music is 10 Hz Binaural Beats. Simply listening to that alone, moves us into an Alpha State. Which helps us relax, release stress and boosts serotonin.

The ...

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Meet Cherie Gillett Newest Guide in the Mooniverse 🫶🏼


I am so excited to announce the Mooniverse's newest guide, Cherie Gillett! Cherie is a Certified Trauma Counselor, Social Worker, Intuitive Guide and Wound Healer. Based along the Coast of beautiful Australia, she offers virtual services, in person workshops and courses. You can find her in one of her many healing workshops, healing surf retreats or capturing joy by surfing.

Cherie and I have worked together for years. When I created the Mooniverse, it was a dream of mine to have Cherie's healing work and practices within our membership. Thankfully she said yes! I hope that YOU find as much benefit from Cherie's work as I have. 

Healing my own wounds and trauma has felt like a full time job over the last few years. Have you felt this as well? Having a guide like Cherie who helps us dig deep to discover who we are at our Soul's core. Uncovering our true essence and in doing so, stepping into our sovereignty is quite empowering!

I invite you to meet Cherie in the...

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October Solar Eclipse New Moon Guided Meditation | Let Go of Past | Quantum Leaps | 3 Hz Binaural Beats


Extra Potent New Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

On October 25, 2022 at 3:49am PDT we have a Solar Eclipse New Moon! This new moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is powerful! With themes of healing, transformation and regeneration. It's also a water sign and the moon feels at home within this water element.

Water purifies, heals and transforms. Providing us with life supporting power. As it flows to unknown or deep crevices, it gathers momentum and power to nurture life. As we emulate nature and the cosmos, this can heighten our emotional sensitivity and may make us feel like we are either flowing with the tides; or swimming against the current. Are you feeling these cosmic effects already?

New Moons also initiate new cycles in our life and guide us to go inwards. Think of it this way, the darkness of the moon pulls us inward and the light of a full moon moves us outward. Have you ever felt that tug and pull? 

This is also a solar eclipse which are about 100 times...

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October Full Moon Guided Meditation | 5 Hz Theta | Chiron + Full Moon Activation | Let Go + Let in


October Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

The October Full Moon is connected to the alchemical fire element. Fire represents love, desire, anger, power, strength, assertiveness, light, and energy. Fire transforms ideas into action! Under the October Full Moon, this strong fiery energy may be pulsing under our skin. Activating the need to move this energy. We simply can’t stay in one place, this energy has to move to evolve! So exciting!

There is also a profound healing potential given to us by the asteroid Chiron. Chiron is known as ‘The Wounded Healer’ and is the Gatekeeper to The Rainbow Bridge. Chiron’s energy represents the process of our evolution through awakening. 

When we have been pushed to our breaking points and maybe cut so deep- we become aware that these wounds can’t be fixed, they’re just too deep! OUCH!

Instead we can transform these wounds into powerful tools of awakened...

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September New Moon Guided Meditation | Dream into Reality | Balance | Harmonize | 7 Hz Binaural Beats


Hello #Wayshowers  

We have a new moon on September 25, 2022 @2:54pm PDT

The September New Moon is connected to a harmonious and balancing Air Element. It represents protection, focus and mental clarity.

Air is a catalyst for new beginnings and works with the power of our Divine Central Sun.

This New Moon is also preparing us for the upcoming eclipse season. Kicking off with a Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022. This will activate and open a portal to new beginnings, major shifts and higher frequencies. At this point, we all have learned that great energy shifts come with great discomfort in our physical life. So be prepared to start to feel this uptick in energy soon.

The dwarf planet Altjira, is active with the September New Moon. Altjira is said to of brought Earth into being by dreaming it. Providing us the tools to where we, too can manifest dreams into our physical reality.

Altjira also helps us sift through our Personal and Karmic history to find programming...

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September Full Moon Guided Meditation | 528 Hz | Full Moon + Neptune Activation | Let Go + Let in


#guidedmeditation #fullmoon #septemberfullmoon #meditation 

Full Moon Blessings + Gratitude, #Wayshowers

The September Full Moon is connected to the emotional water element. As the moon represents our emotions, the moon loves to be in a water element! The Moon is at its greatest energy potential when it can ebb and flow like water. As we emulate Earth and the Cosmos, we too can ebb and flow like water under this full moon. Experiencing the highs and lows like the ocean's tide.

By connecting with the Water Element, it heightens our sensitivity, creativity and intuition. Providing us the tools to sense and trust our inner guidance system and the Universe during the September Full Moon.

Full moons reflects the Suns light. While the moon holds space for us and holds the light of the sun, it helps us to let go. It's also the dreamiest of full moons for this year!

Working with Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams and fantasy. Neptune is where rainbows, unicorns and mermaids...

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August New Moon Guided Meditation | Manwë Winds of Change | Set Intentions


#newmoon #august #augustnewmoon #august2022 #AugustNewMoon2022 #guidedmeditation #newmoonmeditation 

Welcome to the August New Moon Guided Meditation

The August New Moon is connected to a nurturing Earth Element which gently helps us ground into our inner and outer selves. Reminding us that each one of us has a place within the Universe and on planet Earth. The Earth Element also helps us become one with nature with the intention to shift our energy into the flow of life. Around this new moon, we may feel the pull to sync with nature. Following Earth’s biorhythm. Waking with the sun and sleeping with the moon. 

The dwarf planet Manwë, is active with the August New Moon. Manwë is the Lord of Winds of Change. Providing us the grace that cancels out karma for all lifetimes, ancestral & genetic lines. Manwë provides us the extra energetic nudge to guide us into the unknown and into the winds of change where we are free of karmic debts.


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July New Moon Guided Meditation | 432 Hz Frequency | Let Go + Let in Love | Manifest


Happy July New Moon Blessings, Light Bringers

I’m grateful to meditate & manifest with you under the July New Moon! Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to let go of old karma, trauma and belief structures around love and feeling safe to shine your light so bright. Next, I’ll guide you to activate your new moon dreams and wishes!

The background music is set to 432 Hz Frequency which is the frequency of the Universe’s Heart Beat. Simply listening to that alone, is said to reduce stress and promote emotional stability by putting us in sync with the “heartbeat of the Universe.”

The July New Moon is connected to the Fire Element. This can stir up a lot of transformation, motivation, creativity + passion around our hearts and how we experience love. This may express itself in and all around you days leading up to and after this new moon.

The July New Moon brings a message that wherever you’re located on this planet; no matter how hard...

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July Full Moon Guided Meditation | 741 Hz Frequency | Clear Karma | Soul Contracts | DNA Cell Repair


Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

I’m grateful to meditate with you under the Supermoon. The most powerful moon of the year with the moon closest to Earth!

The July Super Full Moon is connected to the Earth Element. This can stir up a lot of energy around how safe and secure we feel  within and around us,  the days leading up to and after this intense Super Moon.

It will bring to light our safety and stability. The parts of our lives where we are feeling unsafe, unstable, unnutured or unloved.

The moon will shine the light on these aspects, showing us the fear or discomfort. We can then see it and shift it. This is a Super Moon so it has 10 times the power to release and shift these energies!

This July Supermoon acts as an extra sort of magnet to draw things out of us that we’re ready to let go of. Especially when it comes to building safety, stability and peace within our lives.

If there’s anyone or anything within your life that makes you feel a little...

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