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June Divine Tidbits 🌕🌗🌑 + 🧎🏻‍♀️ = 🤸🏽‍♀️

Can you believe it's already June #Wayshowers ?! 

As we step into June 2021, most of our community; myself included are still feeling the effects of last week's lunar eclipse and a lunar eclipse is always followed by her sister, solar eclipse. 

Last week's lunar eclipse, was a time to point an arrow in the direction you're wanting to go into. The cosmo's helped all of us release anything in the way of our desired path. Along with a lot of shadow work. Remembering that shadow work is a necessary part of our expansion. Our shadow isn't 'good' or 'bad'; it's simply the parts of us we cannot see yet because they are in our metaphoric shadow.  Part of our evolution is to integrate and love all aspects of us. Even the parts of us that we may be too ashamed to see or show others. The lunar eclipse brought to light some shadow aspects of each of us.

Maybe you stepped away from this past week thinking, "why was I so afraid to show all of me?"...

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May Divine Tidbits 🤕+📚=😂

Welcome to May #Wayshowers

The end of April, we moved through our 1st of 4 Supermoon's of 2021. The April Supermoon was designed to help us release an intense amount of our programming from this lifetime, other lifetimes and our ancestral lineage.  Has your energy field recovered yet?  

I experienced all ends of the spectrum this week. From feeling tired to vitalized. Sad to happy. Feisty to peaceful. Wanting to fill my body with all organic goodness to ordering a pizza. All of my clients & students reported the same experiences. Aren't we beautifully complex?

Early this morning, I woke to my Spirit Guides nudging me to wake up as they wanted to give me some downloads. I resisted for a bit and then couldn't turn their chatter off. I rose, grabbed my coffee, my bulldog Luna and sat down with my Guides in our garden. It was May Divine Tidbits download time! 

We can expect to continue the trend of trauma's and triggers showing up through May, quite...

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April Divine Tidbits 🍄+🧘‍♀️=❤️

Welcome to April #Wayshowers 

 As we step into the 2nd quarter of 2021, we may feel some 'affairs of the heart' nudges. This is designed for us to make space and expand our hearts further, greater than we ever have in this lifetime or any near lifetimes.  

It may feel like our heart chakra is being stretched to the fullest like a rubber band. We may feel this within all or a select few of our bodies; mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. 

For me, it showed up in the physical this week. I went out for a walk, in which I do everyday. Within 10 mins, I had 3 ex-boyfriends land right on my path. 2 of the 3 Boyfriends aren't from my area. As I moved forward, feeling as if I was going to have a heart attack quite literally- I reflected on each one of these relationships. What was it about the energies of these very specific times in my life that Spirit was driving me to say 'hello' to? 

It was a story from Spirit. A progression of my self-worth &...

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