October Divine Tidbits 🌀+ 😴 = ❤️‍🩹

Sep 30, 2021
Crystal Heinemann of The Psychic Soul blogs about October 2021 Divine Tidbits

Welcome to October #Wayshowers 💫

October feels like an interesting month. Perhaps a bit dualistic, if you will. I wouldn't be surprised if one moment you feel one way and then the next, you feel the complete opposite. 

With a lot of celestial activity happening, there's a whirlwind of dualistic energies swirling around. It can make us feel as if we are in the eye of the storm with a lot of movement happening outside of us. 

How this can look on Earth is feeling stagnant. Almost like Groundhog Day, the same thing happening day in and day out. Then, you can turn on the news or step out into society and it's mass chaos or lots of movement. 

In October, you'll be choosing how much of this dualistic energy do you want to allow in? A wonderful client of mine had a great analogy, it's like waiting to jump into a game of double dutch jump rope. Calculating and observing the most beneficial time to step out. 

It's up to you to tap into your intuition and choose when to jump in and out of societal constructs. 

Another 'divine tidbit' or theme for October is stepping into a greater expansion and awareness around self-healing or how you take care of yourself; mind, body, soul and spirit. Your overall well-being is expanding, therefore how you take care of yourself is shifting.  I was given the vision of being like a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, recharging and waiting to undock; simply watching the swirling energy happening outside of ourselves for October. 

How has your dream space been? For over 10 days now, I have been active in my dream/ astral space and healing from the past. This is going to continue through October and for however long it takes to heal from this lifetime, other lifetimes and our ancestral and genetic lines. Even to the extent of other timeline's healing. 

With this, maybe keep a dream journal as our benevolent Guides & other Beings are communicating to us through our relaxed dream state as we are more receptive in these times.

Is there a song that you have been waking up singing in your head?

Maybe waking up at the same time or seeing repeated patterns of numbers? What is playing out in your dream/ astral space? Songs, scenes, old wounds, relationships from long ago?

All of this is a form of divination and is left up to us to decode it 🔮 

Finally, in October, there is a beautiful high frequency energy or what I 'see' as strings of joy and bliss that we can grasp hold of this month! The best way to do this is get creative and be silly! What did you like to do as a kid? Paint by number? Coloring books? Playing in the dirt? It doesn't have to cost anything but schedule some time to be in a creative flow. 

We have a New Moon in balancing Libra on October 6th. Manifesting 'in tune' with the Moon Cycles will supercharge your dreams, desires and visions.

We also have a Full 'Blood' Moon in the bold sign of Aries on October 20th. Full Moon's are a bit more volatile and emotional than New Moons. It's our opportunity to let go and purge so we may welcome in the new.

If you like to meditate, I create new & full moon guided meditations on my YouTube Channel: The Psychic Soul or anywhere you like to listen to your podcasts! 🎙

Be well and take care of yourselves #Wayshowers 💫

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal of ThePsychicSoul.com

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul and is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer.