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October Divine Tidbits 🌀+ 😴 = ❤️‍🩹

Welcome to October #Wayshowers

October feels like an interesting month. Perhaps a bit dualistic, if you will. I wouldn't be surprised if one moment you feel one way and then the next, you feel the complete opposite. 

With a lot of celestial activity happening, there's a whirlwind of dualistic energies swirling around. It can make us feel as if we are in the eye of the storm with a lot of movement happening outside of us. 

How this can look on Earth is feeling stagnant. Almost like Groundhog Day, the same thing happening day in and day out. Then, you can turn on the news or step out into society and it's mass chaos or lots of movement. 

In October, you'll be choosing how much of this dualistic energy do you want to allow in? A wonderful client of mine had a great analogy, it's like waiting to jump into a game of double dutch jump rope. Calculating and observing the most beneficial time to step out. 

It's up to you to tap into your intuition and choose when to...

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