Hi #Wayshower! Meet Meg

Compassionate. Experienced. Animal Communicator.

Hi #Wayshower! Meet Meg

Compassionate, Experienced Animal Communicator.

Meg Vickell

"I spent years in an unfulfilling corporate career. I often consulted a Transmedium who shared my innate intuition and hardwired talent that I had used many lifetimes before. I was encouraged to get going, there were “many people and animals that needed my help.” I was not a Snow White growing up and that is what I’m going to share with others, that there is a subtleness to intuition that is often unseen, unheard, unrecognized and hugely untapped inside to all of us. Intuition is intuition is intuition and animals are merely the inspiration to jump in and get going!  We are all intuitively hardwired. Following your ‘inner guidance system’ is now essential to sourcing your own truth in the world. Let the animals lead you there!"

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Meg Vickell's Talk & Activation

Meg is going to speak of how and what it’s like to connect to the subtleness of intuition; our Extra Sensory Perception and how animals are merely the inspiration to dive in and tune in! She’s going to speak of how everyone is hardwired to connect with their own language of ESP. As well as how now more than ever, it’s essential to learn to be able to tap into your own truths of and in the world and how animals can lead you there! 


For Meg’s activation segment, she’s going to guide us to discover what our primary Extra Sensory Perception is! Not sure what the 6 are? Not to worry, Meg is an excellent teacher and will discuss what each one is! 

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A word from your Host's

 We meet with Meg Vickell of Modern Day Dolittle. What we love about Meg is she provides a voice for the Nature Kingdom as truly a Modern Day Dolittle. She bridges the communication gap between human and animal. All while inspiring her 2, 4, & 8 legged clients!

-Sabrina & Crystal

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