Hi #Wayshower! Meet Crystal

Meditation Guide. Spiritual & Metaphysical Teacher. Energy Reader & Healer. Soulstice Summit Co-Host.

Hi #Wayshower! Meet Crystal

Meditation Guide. Spiritual & Metaphysical Teacher. Energy Reader & Healer. Soulstice Summit Co-Host.

Crystal Heinemann

"I decided to start The Psychic Soul because I know there are thousands of people in the world, experiencing their own life of hard knocks. I wanted to provide a space for us to come together to learn, heal & expand in a like-minded community of openness, gratitude, love & uplifting inspiration! Together we are better! 

I grew up as a beach girl in Ventura, California. I was lucky to be raised by young parents that loved exploring spiritual & freedom movements; where Yogananda and Ram Das were common household names for me. 

Through my 20's & early 30's, I took a journey through the dark night of the soul which taught me to navigate life through the eyes of a Wounded Healer. For this, I am most thankful for! I would not be standing before you today, as a #Wayshower & Spiritual innovator had I not had challenging, life-altering experiences. 

I've always been a seeker in both the physical & ethereal planes. I've spent my adult life traveling the world following divine breadcrumbs. I believe this has enriched my compassionate path as a #Wayshower and #Joykeeper."

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Crystal's Talk & Activation

Crystal is going to speak of how to energetically step into Personal Power. How empowerment is a choice but we often give our power away in life. The moment we shift our perception to empowerment being a choice is when we unlock the key to our very own personal power. The path may not be easy and may feel like an uphill battle at first but everyone has access to their own pinnacle of empowerment. 

She believes that when we choose to step into our personal power and reach the pinnacle, the mind body soul harmonizes and balances itself out regardless of the outside world. That we are meant to thrive in our personal power!

She'll speak of what Spiritual Freedom looks like, how to tell if our divine masculine & feminine energies are balanced and how to step into our Personal Power.

For Crystal’s activation segment, she'll guide us in meditation to welcome in the solstice for both hemispheres & guiding us to tap into our very own personal universe & run our own Personal Power energy that has always been within us, waiting to be activated.

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A word from your Host's

 We thought it would be a fun addition to interview each other for the Soulstice Summit as some 'bonus' content! We hope that you enjoy us interviewing each other as well as our personalized activation segments! This is a project of love for us, so thank YOU #Wayshower!

-Crystal & Sabrina

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