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Meet #Wayshower Melissa Collins from Isis Intuitive Healing 💫

I LOVE to dedicate time and space within my newsletter to highlight someone within our #Wayshower community.  With every beat of my heart, I am so inspired by all of you and what you are bringing to the world The Subscriber Highlight section acts as an introduction, so we can all be inspired by each other and informally 'meet' in a virtual way!

For October, being as one of our 'Divine Tidbits' theme is self care and syncing with the lunar cycles. I wanted to highlight a beautiful soul that I wholeheartedly believe in.

We connected through my lunar meditations and have continued to work together over the last year or so. When I saw what she was creating, I had to share! Please allow me to introduce to you, Melissa Collins of Isis Intuitive Healing.

Melissa is a Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner, and a Psychic Intuitive based in Seattle, WA, and is the Owner/Head Witch ‍ in Charge of Isis Intuitive Healing. 

She is launching a new product this month, ...

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