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September Divine Tidbits ☯️ + 👼🏽 = 😎

Welcome to September #Wayshowers

I took July and August off from client sessions with the intention to unplug and offer myself some much needed self-care. I thank you all for your patience with me! I was able to lose myself in fiction books more than I have in years and have the time and energy to connect with all the beautiful and not so beautiful experiences happening around me. Observing, learning and growing. 

I'm grateful to be 'back' and offer some channeled information for our 'September Divine Tidbits'

September feels like an action or preparation month. For me and I'm sure most of you, the last couple of months have felt very inactive or even unmotivated to create or step into new territory. Almost as if we have been tying up loose ends in order to make room for our next steps; whatever that may be. 

September will be a time to essentially get 'all of our ducks in a row' . A beneficial time to remember we are humans having an Earthly experience. Therefore,...

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Ascension Metaphors

Every psychic reading I perform starts with a clairvoyant image that my clients Higher Self would like to communicate to me and well, it's human body self-my client.  I typically see wildflowers or animals; all metaphors. However, something unusual and fascinating has been happening over the last 2- 3 months.

I started to see all sorts of winged beings in place of my normal metaphoric pictures.  It started with Higher Selves showing me hummingbirds, beautiful colorful parrots, little ducklings, peacocks, butterflies, several different types of owls.  So many owls that I had never known there were so many different species. I have even been shown golden, mechanical owls similar to Bubo from the 1981 movie, Clash of the Titans.  Incredible! Then I started to see my clients turning into beautiful Phoenix's and rising from ashes. A spectacular transformation and array of well...winged beings…


Most of these Winged Beings will show their colors in high...

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