August Full Blue Moon Guided Meditation 🌝 ♒️

Aug 21, 2021

I’m grateful to meditate with you under the beautiful full moon! Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release whatever is no longer serving you as well as anything in the way of activating your freedom and sovereignty under the August Full Moon

Next, with the blessings of the Moon and your Higher Self, we’ll call forward your personal Spirit Dragon who is waiting to guide you towards even more personal freedom, strength and inner wisdom.

Welcome Freedom Dragon Riders 🐉 We've been waiting for you!

The August Full Blue Moon is a potent and magical one! A Seasonal Blue Moon occurs when we have four Full Moons in a season. Have you heard the saying, “once in a blue moon?” this phrase refers to this rare occurrence.

This is also the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius in a row which is also a rarity.

Having two Full Moons in the same sign indicates an energetic theme of unraveling and releasing to allow for a much needed turning point towards a greater personal freedom and sovereignty.

The August Full Moon is a revolutionary and freedom seeking full moon. It is helping us to seek a bigger truth and to expand our way of thinking. It will guide us to clarity.

You’ll be guided journey of grounding, releasing, healing and replenishing throughout this guided meditation. With the help of Mother Earth, the energy of the Full Moon and your Spirit Dragon; in which I guide you to meet and read your Soul Contract together. You'll be guided to step into your Freedom Dragon Rider energy.

You'll then be filled in from the moon with everything you desire!

Thank you for allowing me, Crystal of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the August Full Blue Moon of 2021. It is an honor to create for you ❤️

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul. She's a meditation guide, intuitive and spiritual teacher. 

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