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Meet #Wayshower Sherrie from 'My Mushroom People' 🍄

Each month, I LOVE to dedicate time and space within my newsletter to highlight someone within our #Wayshower community.  With every beat of my heart, I am so inspired by all of you and what you are bringing to the world 🌎 The Subscriber Highlight section acts as an introduction, so we can all be inspired by each other and informally 'meet' in a virtual way!

For April, being as one of our 'Divine Tidbits' theme is to choose Foods for your Soul. I wanted to highlight a company that I wholeheartedly believe in, their mission and their product. 

One of our favorite Sunday Funday adventures is to visit the Yachats Farmers Market in Yachats, OR.

It is here that I first was introduced to Sherrie and her wonderful husband from My Mushroom People. On a cold spring day they had a piping hot thermos of medicinal mushroom chai latte for the passerby's.  

I immediately gravitated towards their booth, as their energy was so heart-centered. They then introduced me to the magical and medicinal world of mushrooms. I was also delighted to hear that mushrooms are as effective on humans as they are for animals, joy-JOY! 

Here's what Sherrie has to say, "Mushrooms and herbs play a vital role in our health and well-being. Not only are mushrooms/herbs important nutritionally and medicinally, but they also have seemed to of formed a direct link with intuition and a higher intelligence.

They have an inherent ability to channel life energy and to connect with those places in us that are "disconnected" and in need of healing.

The MUSHROOM MYCELIUM communicates and transports nutrients and medicinal properties to the trees, shrubs and herbs, as well as the humans and animals who consume them. They truly have a positive influence on the human body and dwellers of the Forest.

Is some divine plan at work here? Perhaps it is true that humankind's oldest system of medicine offers a form of healing that transcends the physical and connects us with a higher consciousness."

Sherrie is Mycologist Herbalist with a deep love and appreciation of the forest and all of Mother Earth.

The kitchen witch which dwells in her loves to support the healing of all Beings.  

Working with the energies of mushrooms and herbs fulfills that part of her destiny which brings her JOY! (another 'divine tidbit' theme for April!)

Naturally, I bought everything. For over a year now, Luna the Merdog and myself get an 1/8 of a tsp of all sorts of mushroom medicine that promotes neurological, immunity, inflammation, cognitive functions, cardiovascular and overall well-being. The benefits were instantaneous. 

If you are feeling called or connected to My Mushroom People, I'm with you! 🙌🏼

They have been gracious to offer our #Wayshower Tribe 10% off of any of their products, how cool are they?! 

Shop My Mushroom People 🍄 

Use Coupon Code: springtime for 10% off!

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