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April Divine Tidbits 🍄+🧘‍♀️=❤️

Welcome to April #Wayshowers 

 As we step into the 2nd quarter of 2021, we may feel some 'affairs of the heart' nudges. This is designed for us to make space and expand our hearts further, greater than we ever have in this lifetime or any near lifetimes.  

It may feel like our heart chakra is being stretched to the fullest like a rubber band. We may feel this within all or a select few of our bodies; mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. 

For me, it showed up in the physical this week. I went out for a walk, in which I do everyday. Within 10 mins, I had 3 ex-boyfriends land right on my path. 2 of the 3 Boyfriends aren't from my area. As I moved forward, feeling as if I was going to have a heart attack quite literally- I reflected on each one of these relationships. What was it about the energies of these very specific times in my life that Spirit was driving me to say 'hello' to? 

It was a story from Spirit. A progression of my self-worth & value. Showing me that I gained more of me within each of these relationships.

Spirit is very direct and literal with me like a Vegas neon light flashing. It may not be the same for you but if and when your 'affairs of the heart' healing energy comes forward, ask yourself, "What am I growing and stepping into? How have I changed since this time in my life; past, present or future?"

Another theme for April will be feeling motivated to eat Food for the Soul. This will be different for all of us. What feeds my Soul may not nourish yours and vice versa. 

There's nothing for you to do but to observe. Notice how you feel when you eat or drink certain items. Does it make your system feel great and alive or does it make you feel bloated and sluggish?  

An example for me would be that I'm not a big alcohol drinker but I don't limit myself as far as saying no 100% for anything. If I feel like it, I'll have a drink. If I don't, I won't. I am now finding that when I 'push' myself to have a drink for whatever reason, then my system rejects it and doesn't make me feel too great. 

As we rise in frequency, we'll naturally feel the urge to eat more Food for the Soul.

This week I had the pleasure & honor of interviewing Jason Shurka for our upcoming Soulstice Summit. He confirmed my 'divine tidbit' and up'd the ante if you will. You will have to tune into our summit as he discusses how important foods are for balancing our mind, body and soul. 

For April it seems to be a big 'reset button' month. Reset the heart. Reset the body. Reset Self. 

To Reset the Self, it'll be important to go inward as much as you feel comfortable with. I keep 'hearing' from my Guides- unplug, unplug, unplug! Quiet the mind, read more, unplug from media outlets; social and news. You'll naturally go more inwards when you do this. 

Lastly, all of the above is for each one of us to discover and step into our JOY! 

Think of it this way, April is the reset button for our mind, body and soul in order to make room for more JOY in our life!  Joy is the key to life. It is within joy that we feel and express love, we feel freedom, we feel light! When we are IN the energy of JOY, this is when we are wide open to receive our divine guidance. So you can also say that within Joy, there is clarity. 

Be Well My #Wayshower Tribe,



Crystal is a psychic healer, mentor, intuitive counselor, meditation, psychic & metaphysical development teacher and host of Soulstice Summit's virtual retreats.


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