January Super New Moon Guided Meditation | New Moon + Lunar Year of the Rabbit Activations | 417 Hz


January Super New Moon and Lunar New Year Blessings, #Wayshowers

On January 21, 2023 at 12:53pm PST we have a New Moon in Aquarius. Which is connected to the Air Element. Air is our breath. Our most necessary function. As we are living in a very high stress and anxious time, if we can bring our awareness to our most basic function of air and breath, it helps us move these energies. The Air Element of the January Super New Moon is also guiding us to open our minds and expand ourselves.

The January New Moon is also a Super MoonWhich means the Moon is closer to Earth and the gravitational pull is slightly stronger. We will feel the moon's renewal and manifestation energies slightly stronger. 

In addition, this January New Moon is the start of a new Lunar New YearThe Year of the Water RabbitThe rabbit is the symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity. It is predicted to be a year of hope! 

The January Super New Moon may activate divine...

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December Super New Moon Guided Meditation | Manifest New Beginnings | Delta Hz Frequency


Welcome to the last New Moon of the Year!

Every new moon, The Moon starts a new cycle. As we emulate the cosmos, so do we! The December Super New Moon is the 2nd of 5 New Moons; all in 1 degree of their astrological sign. Meaning we are all cosmically going through cycles of brand new chapters personally and collectively. Only when a chapter ends can a new one begin.

New Moons are also designed to supercharge our manifesting and this being a Super Moon it's even more powerful to help us activate our intentions. This final new moon of the year is the turning point of our divine intentions. Our words are spells and we have the power to create our lives with every beat of our hearts. With every word, thought, dream and emotion. The December Super New Moon is here, waiting for our intentions.

The December Super New Moon is connected to a nurturing Earth Element; the astrological sign Capricorn. Which gently helps us ground into our inner and outer selves.

Reminding us that each one...

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October Solar Eclipse New Moon Guided Meditation | Let Go of Past | Quantum Leaps | 3 Hz Binaural Beats


Extra Potent New Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

On October 25, 2022 at 3:49am PDT we have a Solar Eclipse New Moon! This new moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio energy is powerful! With themes of healing, transformation and regeneration. It's also a water sign and the moon feels at home within this water element.

Water purifies, heals and transforms. Providing us with life supporting power. As it flows to unknown or deep crevices, it gathers momentum and power to nurture life. As we emulate nature and the cosmos, this can heighten our emotional sensitivity and may make us feel like we are either flowing with the tides; or swimming against the current. Are you feeling these cosmic effects already?

New Moons also initiate new cycles in our life and guide us to go inwards. Think of it this way, the darkness of the moon pulls us inward and the light of a full moon moves us outward. Have you ever felt that tug and pull? 

This is also a solar eclipse which are about 100 times...

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August New Moon Guided Meditation | Manwë Winds of Change | Set Intentions


#newmoon #august #augustnewmoon #august2022 #AugustNewMoon2022 #guidedmeditation #newmoonmeditation 

Welcome to the August New Moon Guided Meditation

The August New Moon is connected to a nurturing Earth Element which gently helps us ground into our inner and outer selves. Reminding us that each one of us has a place within the Universe and on planet Earth. The Earth Element also helps us become one with nature with the intention to shift our energy into the flow of life. Around this new moon, we may feel the pull to sync with nature. Following Earth’s biorhythm. Waking with the sun and sleeping with the moon. 

The dwarf planet Manwë, is active with the August New Moon. Manwë is the Lord of Winds of Change. Providing us the grace that cancels out karma for all lifetimes, ancestral & genetic lines. Manwë provides us the extra energetic nudge to guide us into the unknown and into the winds of change where we are free of karmic debts.


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June New Moon Guided Meditation | 417 Hz | Set Intentions | Family +Ancestral Wound Healing


Happy June New Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

I’m grateful to meditate and the June New Moon! Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to ground, let go and manifest with the New Moon. Next, I’ll guide you on a journey of remembrance of when your soul felt free, wild and untethered. The background music is at 417 Hz frequency which will gently release any lower vibrations or what some call ‘negative’ from your energy field. 

The June New Moon is connected to the Water Element and the moon loves to be connected to water; especially in the astrological sign of Cancer, which this New Moon is in, in Western Tropical Astrology. This placement can stir up a lot of emotions within and around us, the days leading up to and after this new moon. It may be good energetic health to sit this meditation several times leading up to and after the June New Moon. Or any time you are feeling called to it. 

The June New Moon has a strong connection to our family...

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Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus Guided Meditation 🌚 🧘‍♀️ 🌞 ♉️


#Solar Eclipse #NewMoon #April #2022 #GuidedMeditation #Meditation

Happy May New Moon + Solar Eclipse #Wayshowers

Fullest expression on April 30, 2022 at 13:28pm PDT

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse! Solar eclipses are about 100 times more potent than any new moon.

If we choose, this can provide us with a quantum leap through a portal of new beginnings that is no longer attached to old soul contracts and karma.

A portal to new abundant beginnings where we feel safe and supported by all that is. 

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets between Earth and our Sun, and the Moon casts a shadow over Earth. A Solar Eclipse can only take place at the phase of a New Moon, when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earth's surface.

Within the Moon, Earth + Sun’s dance, a ring of fire is created. This ring of fire is designed for us to burn to ashes our outdated soul contracts and karmic debts along with any genetic imprints...

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New Moon in Aries 🌚♈️🐏


#NewMoon #April #2022 #GuidedMeditation

Happy April New Moon, #Wayshowers ‍

 Every new moon, we start a new lunar cycle. A symbol and opportunity for new beginnings. In addition, the April New Moon starts a new zodiac cycle.

This particular New Moon has some of the most alchemical, re-birthing & igniting energies!

We can harness these energies to transmute energy and ignite creativity & passion during this fiery April New Moon.

Some spirit animals that may appear in the form or formless are Salamanders, Fireflies, Butterflies, Eagles and Dragons. These are all animals connected to the Fire Element and have a strong connection to the Elemental Realm.

New Moons guide us to go inwards and full moons help us express a more outward energy. This is why we may feel more quiet around a new moon and more expressive or emotional around a full moon.

Under the dark night of the Fire Element New Moon in April , it has the potential to bring to light fears, disruption and...

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March New Moon in Pisces 🌚🧜‍♀️♓️🐟


#NewMoon #March #2022 #GuidedMeditation

Happy March New Moon, #Wayshowers ‍

The March New Moon is carrying a dreamy and almost other-worldly heart based compassionate energy around it. It’s designed to provide us with heart and compassion activation within ourselves, our partnerships, our lives and community.

It’s also here to help us connect to and activate our deep, inner wisdom and intuition!  The part of us that trusts the Universe, trusts ourselves and our inner voice and trusts our gut instincts.

New Moons guide us to go inwards and full moons help us express a more outward energy. This is why we may feel more quiet around a new moon and more expressive or emotional around a full moon.

Every new moon is a start of a new lunar cycle and as Beings on this planet, we synchronize with the moon naturally. Being ONE with nature, aligns us to express ourselves with new cycles as well. 

Under the dark night of the Water Element New Moon in Pisces, it has the...

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December New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 🌚♐️


#NewMoon #SolarEclipse #2021 #GuidedMeditation 

I’m grateful to meditate with you under our last new moon and the most powerful eclipse of 2021!

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release whatever is no longer serving you while working with the regenerative energies of the new moon and solar eclipse.

A New Moon Total Solar Eclipse is one of the most powerful Eclipses we can experience and is the end of an 18 month eclipse cycle.

Solar Eclipses are extra potent New Moons that unlock a door to a new portal of energy. Opening up new timelines that match all the growth we’ve experienced within ourselves and the collective over this 18 month cycle. Maybe take a moment to open up to what you’ve experienced over the last 18 months.

The December New Moon Solar Eclipse is in the sign of free-spirited, the seer and the seeker, fire sign, Sagittarius. Under this New Moon, you'll be offered the energies to feel more free and may have you...

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November New Moon in Scorpio Guided Meditation 🦂♏️🦅


#NewMoon #Scorpio #GuidedMeditation

November New Moon in Scorpio peaking on November 4, 2021 at 2:14pm PDT.

I’m grateful to meditate with you under the transformative new moon. Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release whatever is no longer serving you while working with Scorpio energy of shedding our old scaled skin to rebirth our wings and soar. Next, manifesting under a New Moon will supercharge the energy and intent behind our dreams, desires and visions. I’ll guide you to envision your dream life and send it into the stream of consciousness to be manifested and anchored here on Earth.

New Moons guide us to go inwards and the Scorpio energy is also asking us to become self reflective.

To dive deep into our emotional wounds. Guiding us to finally let go to make room for more love & desires; manifesting your dreams into reality.

Under the November New Moon, we hold the power to completely rebirth ourselves, no matter what the past has been like. It's...

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