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What's in the way of your happiness?

happiness Oct 27, 2019

Luna, my beloved bulldog shared some beautiful wisdom this morning along our walk. As she pranced around and smiled at everyone we passed, I asked her if she had any advice on happiness for our Bright Suns. She said, "The only thing standing in the way of anyone finding happiness, is themselves!" She said to look around and how could anyone not be happy? We are ALIVE in this beautiful world, sharing an experience.  


She reminded me how we have all CHOSEN to be here and knowing that, how could you not honor yourself and choose to be happy? I find that animals have the best words of wisdom.  They live in the here and now. We can learn so much from their example. It's when we humans look to the past or the future, is when we find our unhappiness, our stress, our anxiety.  Homo Sapiens are the only animals that bring ourselves out of the present time, therefore we're the most unhappy, stressed out animal.


Luna's words allowed me to reflect on my own...

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