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Energetics of February 2021 🙏🏼 + 💃🏽

Welcome to February #Wayshowers

 As we enter into the 2nd month of 2021, I spent some time connecting with nature and the elements. Asking for some divine tidbits on how best us #Wayshowers can show up in the world this month. I think you'll enjoy the playful messages that were communicated!

As we've been through so much over the last year and maybe forgot about or let go of some of our self care pleasures, we are being asked to find the sweet spot within that takes us to our most passionate, creative, inspirational space.  

I like to call this space my meditative space. I often think that ever since meditation has become mainstream that we have sort of mislabeled this act. It's the simple times during your day that you are in the moment and you feel, well- like you. Not fulfilling anyone else's wants or desires but your own. 

For me, it's moving my body. Going for a run or a paddle. Decorating, gardening. Setting my space. For others, it might be painting,...

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