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Hello #Wayshowers

Welcome to the Energetics of October 2020! The overall theme for October will be:

  • Tapping into your inner & outer 'Warrior Energy'
    • Continued tumultuous energy
  • The month will feel 'mountainous'
    • Some of you will feel as if there's many peaks and valleys throughout October
    • However, the view from the 'top' feels like a great accomplishment and it's important to honor these small or large moments
  • Division is starting to become more clear amongst the past 'muck' of 2020
    • The division between those who are ascending or 'climbing' and those who are choosing to stick to the 'low roads'
    • Understanding that either one isn't 'good' or 'bad' they're just the experience the individual (s) are wanting to partake in
    • The division will become more clear for you to 'choose' to remain in contact with frequencies that no longer match you (making you feel discomfort) or to let it/ them go
  • With 'division' energy swirling around, some of you may experience feelings of...
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