December Full Moon | Guided Meditation | Let Go to Let In For New Year | 741 Hz Healing Frequency


Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

The December Full Moon is connected to the very lively and fast moving Gemini Air Element. It’s a very playful and social energy. Often moving through at the speed of light. Where you may question if it even happened. You may even feel like you are literally buzzing and then the next breath, you may find yourself retreating back inside or inward. 

This Full Moon is asking us to become malleable and flexible like Air. To go with the flow of life. Letting go of rigidity to become like our breath, the ability to move in and out of energy and not becoming stagnant.

Under the December Full Moon; an astronomy anomaly is active called ‘The Great Attractor’. The enormous gravity of The Great Attractor acts as a vacuum and clears everything in its path. Shifting time and space and has the ability to bend light so we may get a glimpse of what’s behind a path that we take!

As our Human emulates Nature. Our Being emulates...

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December Full Moon Guided Meditation 🌕🧘‍♀️


Please allow Crystal of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the December Full Moon. The energies of the 13th and final full moon of 2020 is about taking stock of where you’ve been, where you’re currently at and where you’re planning on heading.

It's a wonderful and potent time to clear any energetic blocks you may have around your health, wealth, and living an authentic life.

The December Full Moon is also known as the "Moon After Yule" as It comes in the wake of the spectacular “Christmas Star” or “The Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn planets that happened just last week.

This full moon will also sit above the horizon longer than it normally does so we may feel the potency of the full moon for longer. We can use this to our advantage by continuing to activate all that is on offer to us, during this time with an accentuation on good health, prosperity and honor in living authentically.

Full Moon's are...

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