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Cebu, one of my most trusted Spirit Guides came through with a very strong message of  UNITY. Interestingly, Cebu guided me to speak about the Holy Trinity in terms of UNITY. I am not well versed in Christianity but from what my Guides have shared with me, the church has gotten away from the true meaning of the Holy Trinity. Instead of the Christian term meaning ONE God, they tell me WE ARE ONE. Each one of us carries The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit or Mother, Daughter, Spirit or Mind, Body, Soul. 

It is one of the same. It's a time for us to UNITE with ourselves, our community, our loved ones and so forth. Once we are in UNITY with ourselves (Mind Body Soul) we can then present a united front to all things. 

As usual, the message from Cebu starts with working from within. Once you carry this energy within, it automatically translates outwards. 

We are what we create. Our thoughts, our inner words, and dialogue are all active energy set in motion....

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