July New Moon Meditation 🌙🧘‍♀️


Please allow Crystal of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the July New Moon, 2020. This month's New Moon has the feminine energy of water looming around it and water can stir up a lot of emotions, moving through emotional highs and lows. New Moon's symbolize new beginnings, new cycles, renewal and re-birth and you will be sure to be feeling all of this along with the completion of karmic cycles and deep ancestral lines.

The July New Moon is paired with Chiron going retrograde which may stir up some Wounded Healer thoughts and memories from this lifetime and other lifetimes. Chiron is it’s own minor solar system dancing and binding Uranus and Saturn and is represented as a Centaur. Chiron was abandoned at birth and left to fend for itself. It was through this wound of abandonment and suffering through it’s upbringing that it was able to rise up, and turn its wounds into powerful portals of healing. This is why Chiron is referred to as the...

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