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February Full Moon Guided Meditation 🌝🧘‍♀️


Please allow me, Crystal Heinemann of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the February Full Moon. The second full moon of the year is also known as the Rowan Tree Moon in Druid and Celtic folklore.

Rowan Trees are The Tree of Life and it's said to be the tree from which the first woman was made; allow Crystal to guide you in grounding through powerful and mystical Tree of Life roots.

The February Full Moon is one of the most gentle and healing full moon's of the year.

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to ground into Mother Earth and then gently release whatever is no longer serving you. Next, I’ll guide you through a divine chakra healing to activate to your energetic fields highest potential and expression. Harnessing the gentle moon medicine on offer to us all during this lunar cycle.

This full moon carries a high level of Soul activations connecting to deep, deep soul wisdom.

It’s designed to help us restore and harmonize...

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