February Full Moon in Leo Guided Meditation 🌝♌️🦁


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Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

The February Full Moon has the potential to activate within us our beautiful heart centers and the energy of joy and magic! It’s also known as the Rowan Tree Moon and is rich in mysticism. It represents strength, resilience and protection and is said to be the tree from which the first woman was made. There's a beautiful balancing of our divine masculine and feminine energies under this full moon. 

The energies of the February Full Moon are here to remind us of who we are as heart centered beings. Activating our kindred spirits with strong reminders of what it's like to go out and play with our loved ones, our community and ourselves. Remember those times?

It's also helping us see who we are without wearing our trauma, our belief structures and our karma like an outer coat. 

It will have us questioning, who are we at the center of our hearts? Especially when we no...

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