March New Moon in Pisces 🌚🧜‍♀️♓️🐟


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Happy March New Moon, #Wayshowers ‍

The March New Moon is carrying a dreamy and almost other-worldly heart based compassionate energy around it. It’s designed to provide us with heart and compassion activation within ourselves, our partnerships, our lives and community.

It’s also here to help us connect to and activate our deep, inner wisdom and intuition!  The part of us that trusts the Universe, trusts ourselves and our inner voice and trusts our gut instincts.

New Moons guide us to go inwards and full moons help us express a more outward energy. This is why we may feel more quiet around a new moon and more expressive or emotional around a full moon.

Every new moon is a start of a new lunar cycle and as Beings on this planet, we synchronize with the moon naturally. Being ONE with nature, aligns us to express ourselves with new cycles as well. 

Under the dark night of the Water Element New Moon in Pisces, it has the...

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