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September New Moon in Virgo 🌙♍️


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I’m grateful to meditate with you under the nurturing September New Moon!

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release whatever is no longer serving you within this lifetime and within your ancestral and genetic lines. Next, manifesting under a New Moon will supercharge the energy and intent behind your dreams, desires and visions. I’ll guide you to create your New Moon wishes and send them into the stream of consciousness to be manifested and anchored here on Earth.

New Moon's symbolize new beginnings, new cycles, renewal, re-birth and transformation.

The September New Moon carries the Element of Earth which is nurturing and wants to pull things together for us; it’s guiding us to get all of our ducks in a row with the intention of bringing harmony, grounding and stability to our lives.

The energy calls us to embrace the healing power of nature into our lives, through the food we eat or through spending time surrounded by trees, forests, oceans and lakes. You may be called to get outdoors if you can, embrace the healing power of nature, herbal medicines, and even more plant based foods to restore and recharge your energetic field. Also, paying extra attention to your digestive system.

The asteroid Nessus, is active with the September New Moon. Nessus has the potential to activate within us a desire to face our darkest shadow aspects of patterns of abuse within our ancestral & genetic lines. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of these traumatic patterns. 

I guide you through all of this by taking you on a journey of grounding, releasing and healing throughout time and space from your current lifetime, other lifetimes, ancestral & genetic lines. We finish the meditation with time to set your intentions and make your new moon wishes!

This is an easy and gentle guided meditation.  Enjoy and please share 🙏


Be well and take care of yourselves #Wayshowers 💫

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal of ThePsychicSoul.com

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul and is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer.

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