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March 2021 Divine Tidbits 🌳 + 🌝 = 🧘‍♀️

Welcome to March #Wayshowers 

As March is a blink of an eye away, we have an important full moon in Virgo ♍️ on February 27, 2021 at 12:17am PST that I wanted to touch on for our March Divine Tidbits Newsletter. I know I'm a couple days early but this moon is too good to not highlight!

Saturday's Full Moon 🌝 acts as a doorway to the energies of March. 

The second full moon of the year is known as the Rowan Tree Moon in Druid and Celtic folklore. Rowan Trees are The Tree of Life and it's said to be the tree from which the first woman was created.

The February Full Moon is one of the most gentle and healing full moon's of the year. There is a very self-nurturing aspect to this magical moon. This full moon carries a high level of Soul activations connecting to deep, deep soul wisdom.

It’s designed to help us restore and harmonize our balance, realign our stability and touch down and ground into Mother Earth after this month’s intense energy draining Aquarius Stellium. It’s filled with yummy moon magic and medicine!

The February Full Moon is a time to self-care, to balance and restore our energy. Whatever actions you like to take to do that! It's most important to honor yourself; mind, body and soul during this time. Taking care of no one else but YOU!

It would be wonderful to set some time to connect to your inner voice and truly listen. To honor your inner intuition and wisdom. 

After emerging from the full moon 🌝 and walking into the doorway of March- for most of us #Wayshowers, we may feel a bit more sensitive; especially to the inner and outer chatter of sound.  

If you find that the 'little nuances' are making you a bit frazzled, take some time to find your space, still the chatter and step within. This is happening because your energetic field is still integrating the powerful moon medicine and the aspects of you that are still healing and activating.

It is said that older, heavily rooted trees 🌳 (much like the Rowan Tree) are helping humanity ground into our emotional, mental and physical bodies. In other words, one of their soul agreements with humanity is to help us feel more stable. 

If you have access to trees within the month of March, spend some time amongst them and allow your bodies to ground and align. Nothing for you to do but sit amongst the Healing Trees and allow. 

Around mid-March, for a lot of us #Wayshowers we'll start to feel more motivated. I know for most of my clients and students, myself included- we have had a one-way ticket on the Lazy Train 🚃. We are fast approaching our destination and are being asked to depart, once and for all! Some of us may be gently guided, thrown, pushed or shoved off of the lazy train but either way, it is time because our destination to Motivation Town is right around the corner!

Quite honestly, it may take most of March to simply integrate our self-care and healing work. If this is you, please do not get down on yourself. It's been an incredible 12-18 months for all of us.

Most importantly, be kind and gentle with yourself. Try as best you can to still the inner and outer chatter. Sit with yourself; even in the uncomfortable times. This month is about receiving.

This month is about YOU! If there was ever a month to where, "you do YOU!" this is it! So please, do you! Whatever that may look like! Feed yourself; mind body and soul and when you cannot, allow the moon and trees to do so. 

Be Well My #Wayshower Tribe,


Crystal is a psychic healer, mentor, intuitive counselor, meditation, psychic & metaphysical development teacher and host of Soulstice Summit's virtual retreats.


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