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March Full Moon Guided Meditation


Listen as Crystal takes us on a guided meditation journey during the March Supermoon. The third full moon of the year and the first of 3 powerful Supermoon's this year. The March Full Moon is also known as the Worm Moon because the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, earthworm casts appear. This also may be an intense emotional full moon as this is also known as The Water Moon.

This is a divine time to tap into unconditional love and partnerships and to let go of anything in the way of welcoming this in. Crystal takes you on a journey of grounding, releasing, healing and replenishing throughout this guided meditation. She calls in the three Divine Mothers: Sophia, Quan Yin and Mother Mary to help heal and hold space for you during this golden age of unconditional love. Sometimes for our sensitive hearts, we need help in becoming vulnerable and open to love.



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