Only Love is Real ❤️ September Newsletter

Sep 06, 2020

Hello #Wayshowers 👋✨

Welcome to the Energetics of September 2020! The overall theme for September will be:

  • Only L❤️ve is Real; everything else is an illusion
    • How can you step into more l❤️ve energy? 
  • Recovering from the BIG energetic shifts that happened in August by utilizing the 3 R's
    • Rest
    • Relaxation
    • Rejuvenation/ Regeneration
  • Brain fog, headaches and exhaustion continue along with the depression energy that is surrounding the collective
    • Feeling the monotony
  • Learning how to reclaim your energy & vitality
    • Through your inner work
    • Alone time
    • Play and joy 🤸‍♀️🤾🏼‍♀️

For myself, my friends, family & the majority of my clients & students- August was a doozy! I felt as if I was on an Ancient Gladiator obstacle course running it blindly and being hit from all angles. Once I felt I was through the obstacle, something would happen to where I'd have to run it all over again with different obstacles. It has been intense, to say the least! 

I had so many 'obstacles' to get through in August, as soon as I'd carve out time and energy to create my meditations or online classes, I'd be hit with another boulder. A lot of you have reached out to me to check in to see if I was ok, since I didn't have a chance to create them ☺️ What an amazing tribe we have here! Thank you to all who reached out.  I can't get to everyone but please know your well wishes warm my heart deeply!  All is great, life just kept throwing Earth Plane objects at me 🌎 to direct my energy towards!  I know it has been the same for most of you as well, since I have had sessions with quite a few of you! Cheers 🥂 to September being here! 

As I was connecting with my Guides over the last month, they kept reiterating the overall message the 'only love is real' and everything else is an illusion. Normally I get an entire page of notes of what to expect for the upcoming month but each time, they'd direct me back to this message. 

I know them well enough now that if that is the case, they really want us to pay attention to it. With that, perhaps ask yourself, "How can I step into more love energy"?

If you subscribe to the concept that only two parent energies truly exist; love and fear- then everything of a higher frequency is love energy (play, joy, bliss, abundance, prosperity, kindness, compassion, etc) and everything of a lower frequency is fear energy (stress, anxiety, judgement, comparison, lack, etc). 

How can you step into more of the higher frequencies of the parent energy of l❤️ve? 

To step into more love energy requires a lot of vulnerability, trust and faith. This can be really uncomfortable for most. Perhaps sit in the discomfort and ask yourself why am I so uncomfortable here? Once you know why, you can let it go to make room for expansion.

There's also an intense depression energy that is surrounding the collective. Most of you are strong Empaths, which means that you're like energy sponges absorbing the depression. Where life can feel monotonous. Sort of monotone without a low or high pitch. 

It's important to learn to decipher, is this your depression? Or the collective that you are tapping into? 

RRR cannot be emphasized enough! Take care of yourself. Rest, relax, rejuvenate. Go inward. Connect with yourself and most importantly, do at least one thing per day that brings you joy! Give yourself a little high pitch joy during these monotonous times. 

If you're unsure about how to pull your energy in, how to protect your energy or even how to decipher your energy from others- I am offering three classes on energy for $19.99 for the month of September. These have never been offered outside of my psychic and metaphysical course. I wanted to provide you with useful tools to get you through these intense times! All of my students and me included have been saying how thankful we are that we have amazing energy tools to help us move through this energy. I do hope you take advantage of it!  

Click HERE to access Basics of Energy ✨

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼

-Crystal Heinemann - Founder & Creator



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