June Super Full Moon in Sagittarius 🌝♐️ | Guided Meditation |

Jun 12, 2022

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Happy June Super Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers 🌝 ♐️

The June Super Full Moon is positioned closer to Earth than most full moons. This will feel about 10x's more potent than other full moons. We may feel this potency for several days leading into it and after.

With the high potency in mind, the energies are here to guide us into our sovereignty. Encouraging us to feel free to be our most authentic human expression and therefore reaching states of joy + bliss! We may find examples that are here to remind us to tap into our inner child that loves adventure and play! 

A playful ritual for this full moon would be to do what used to bring you joy as a kid! Go ride bikes or big wheels. Go build a fort or splash in the water!

Also, active under this Supermoon is The Universe’s Galactic Center which is said to be the heartbeat of the Universe. Our Spirit’s Homing Signal! Home to powerful high frequencies of renewal and magic which will be on offer to us during the full moon. (Thank goodness! 😮‍💨)

My favorite aspect of this full moon is Varda, a dwarf planet, referred to as The Queen of Stars 👑💫

She’s strongly influencing the moon and therefore all of us! She and Manwë (another dwarf planet) are said to have birthed The Universe + placed the Sun and Moon on their course.

She is a Light Bringer and is said to be the antidote in times of darkness! 

Varda is activating within us, the ability to sense truth and see through chaos and discord. To bring to light ignorance + deception. This will be interesting, at least to me, as to how this will play out personally and collectively. I'm certainly ready for a cosmic antidote to darkness, how about you?

With the help of the Sagittarian Centaur, Varda is shooting an arrow and setting us on a path that matches our most authentic and sovereign expression. Within this space, is where we hold the keys to unlock our personal galactic heart center's and our own universe. Therefore, stepping into our sovereignty and the land of joy and bliss!

Throughout this meditation, as you breathe in- Varda, the Queen of Stars, is sending cosmic light particles from her Galactic Center right to your heart and filling you with pure stardust so you, too can be the antidote to darkness. A Light Bringer.

I’m grateful to meditate with you under our powerful Supermoon! Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release and let go with the full moon creating space for a more sovereign, authentic + joyful life!

Please let me know how you all are doing through this June Super Full Moon activation! I am right there with YOU as always! I love you all!

I received the wonderful information about Varda by the lovely Astrologer, Pam Gregoryhttps://www.youtube.com/c/PamGregoryOfficial

Be well and take care of yourselves #Wayshowers 💫

Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul + Mooniverse. She is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and Intuitive Healer.


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