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December Newsletter 🤶🏼🎄🎅🏿

Hello #Wayshowers 💫

Intense and transformative 2020 is finally coming to a close, however we still have an abundance of energies on offer to us, as we up level onto a different timeline around December 21, 2020

We do not have to 'wait' to activate and step into these new frequencies! After all, one of the many things we have learned this year is, what does time REALLY mean?

Here are some of my divinely guided tips for the remainder of 2020:

  • From this moment forward, we can take the remainder of the year and 'choose' to up level ourselves! In doing so, we are saying 'yes' to ourselves by stepping out of any fear energy and into the higher frequencies of heart centered love energies. 

This may not be an easy task so please remember that we are all made up of energy and information, that's it! We can never be in ONE state of being or one energy ALL of the time. It's impossible because energy moves and therefore we do too! Meaning, our moods can shift quite often. It's important to not be so hard on yourself. 

  • I find what helps me about stepping out of fear and into my heart is by remaining in the moment. Staying present. Just 'being'. 

Fear only exists when we step out of the moment we're in. When we allow ourselves to think about what's next, the future, spend extended time on social media and all of the 'what if's' in our lives. The reality is the majority of the fear, stress or anxiety we put ourselves through, never happens! So why do we put ourselves through the stress and judgement of it all?

Also, it's IMPOSSIBLE to not allow yourself to step into fear even if it's just for a moment. We're humans and this is how we function. However, we can control how long we stay in that space.

  • Another thing to be mindful of, as you're trying to hold a higher frequency for all of humanity (no big deal, right?!) is how you 'react' to your fear, stress and trauma.

You're going to go through it but how are you going to react to it?

If you allow it to be a trigger for you, that's ok! Recognize the part of you that's being triggered and then put it in your mental file for next time. When next time does happen and it definitely will, feel your way through it. Once you are through the fear, stress or trauma please be really proud of yourself for not having the reactions of the past!  This is how we heal.

This is a beautiful, magnificent time to be on the planet as she shifts her frequency while us #Wayshowers are holding the front lines for the rest of humanity to catch up. This is not to be taken lightly. This has been exhausting to say the least. 

As we shift into this new higher frequency timeline that has various layers to it; most people call it 5D, Age of Aquarius, Old Earth/ New Earth, Divine Masculine to Feminine.

Remind yourself that you CHOSE to incarnate for this EXACT moment of time on Earth! This is why you are here, everything else has been leading up to this! 

Just being YOU, is enough right now! The 5D energies that we've been preparing for, feel like slowing down on your walk. Not worrying about the end goal but 'being' in each step and sensing the beauty of each step all around you. This is where miracles exist and fear cannot 💫

Be Well My #Wayshower Tribe,


Crystal is a psychic healer, mentor, intuitive counselor, meditation, psychic & metaphysical development teacher.




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