Meet Cherie Gillett Newest Guide in the Mooniverse 🫶🏼

Nov 04, 2022

I am so excited to announce the Mooniverse's newest guide, Cherie Gillett! Cherie is a Certified Trauma Counselor, Social Worker, Intuitive Guide and Wound Healer. Based along the Coast of beautiful Australia, she offers virtual services, in person workshops and courses. You can find her in one of her many healing workshops, healing surf retreats or capturing joy by surfing.

Cherie and I have worked together for years. When I created the Mooniverse, it was a dream of mine to have Cherie's healing work and practices within our membership. Thankfully she said yes! I hope that YOU find as much benefit from Cherie's work as I have. 

Healing my own wounds and trauma has felt like a full time job over the last few years. Have you felt this as well? Having a guide like Cherie who helps us dig deep to discover who we are at our Soul's core. Uncovering our true essence and in doing so, stepping into our sovereignty is quite empowering!

I invite you to meet Cherie in the Mooniverse! Where she has created a gorgeous series on Healing Trauma. Within this series she offers an 8 module series of information and sacred meditation.

  1. Introduction to Healing is Possible!
  2. Meditation for Connection
  3. Resources and Self Care
  4. Mindfulness Exploration of Sensations
  5. Window of Tolerance
  6. Butterfly Meditation
  7. The Heart
  8. Heart Coherence

Cherie infuses science with deep soulful spiritual practices so that you can activate the truth of who you are so you may shine brightly!





Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏🏼- Crystal of and

Crystal is the Founder of The Psychic Soul +and Mooniverse. She is a Meditation Guide, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor and Intuitive Healer.