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August Full Moon Guided Meditation 🌝

august full moon Aug 17, 2020

Please allow Crystal Heinemann of The Psychic Soul to take you on a guided meditation journey during the August Full Moon. This an an intense and volatile full moon. Full Moon's are always here to elevate the energy of what we're ready to let go of, so this may feel very uncomfortable. However, once you release it, you will have the energy to welcome in frequency's that match your vibration or bring you higher.

The August Full Moon is revolutionary and volatile. It's bringing to light issues & circumstances, helping us to see a bigger truth and to expand our way of thinking. It may have you feeling shaky and unsteady. Maybe, things are moving and shifting around you, causing you to feel maybe a bit dizzy or uncertain. Maybe it's hard to know what & who to trust or what direction to choose.

The August Full Moon energy says it’s best to let things shake and fall away under her powerful light & energy rather than trying to control it. Crystal takes you on a journey of grounding, releasing, healing and replenishing throughout this guided meditation. With the help of Mother Earth, the energy of the Full Moon and your new found Spirit Dragon in which Crystal guides you to meet and read your Soul Contract together to step into your Freedom Dragon Rider energy. You will then be filled with medicinal energy that will saturate, heal and raise the frequency of your entire energetic field and letting go of old Earth beliefs as your chakras are healed to welcome in the new Earth energy.

Welcome Dragon Riders 🐉 We've been waiting for you!

This is an easy and gentle guided meditation. Enjoy and please share, like, comment and subscribe 👍 🙏 Infinite Love & Gratitude ❤️


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