New Breath Work Meditation Series


Hello #Wayshower

I'm Crystal the Creator of The Psychic Soul + Mooniverse communities! Welcome to this gorgeous breath work series. Breathing is our most basic function. Breath is quite literally life. Allow me to guide you back home to you with focusing our awareness on our breath. In doing so,  helping us reduce stress, anxiety and lowering our blood pressure

Breathing also brings us energy. When we inhale, we are sending oxygen into the cells in our body, which constantly need a new supply so they can produce energy. When exhaling, we eliminate wastes and toxins, which can easily stagnate in our bodies and damage vital functions if not released.

I decided to start The Psychic Soul because I know there are thousands of light-workers out there experiencing their own hard lessons; and I wanted to provide a space for us to come together to learn, heal and grow in a like-minded community of openness, gratitude, love and uplifting inspiration!...

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February Full Moon Affirmations


Please enjoy these affirmations for February Full Moon in heart centered Leo






Affirmations are best utilized when you repeat the words with pure intent. Feeling as if the statements are already true. Either using your inner voice or repeating them out loud. Affirmations have the potential to rewire our way of thinking, our self talk and outcomes to name a few benefits.

The February Full Moon is also connected to the Fire Element and Courageous Leo! This gentle lion energy can stir up experiences of transformation, integrity, creativity, warmth and passion around our hearts and how we receive and express love. For me, this has been showing up in my dream space. How is it showing up for you?

Infinite Love & Gratitude - Crystal of ThePsychicSoul.com and Moon-iverse.com


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February Full Moon Guided Meditation 🌝 ♌️ 🦁


Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

The February Full Moon will fully express on 05 Feb 2023 at 10:29am PST. 

The February Full Moon is guiding us towards our hearts! Encouraging us to let go of our fears. To lead with love when we can.  To create joy and magic within ourselves. Once we do, the love, joy and magic with reflect and shine out into the world as a signal to let others know it’s safe to shine! Also holding the  grace for yourself that we can't always do this and that's ok!

One of the favorite things I love about the February Full Moon is it's also known as the Rowan Tree Moon and is rich in mysticism! It represents strength, resilience and protection. It's said to be the tree from which the first woman was made!

The February Full Moon is also connected to the Fire Element and Courageous Leo! This gentle lion energy can stir up experiences of transformation, integrity, creativity, warmth and passion around our hearts and how we receive and express...

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January Super New Moon Guided Meditation | New Moon + Lunar Year of the Rabbit Activations | 417 Hz


January Super New Moon and Lunar New Year Blessings, #Wayshowers

On January 21, 2023 at 12:53pm PST we have a New Moon in Aquarius. Which is connected to the Air Element. Air is our breath. Our most necessary function. As we are living in a very high stress and anxious time, if we can bring our awareness to our most basic function of air and breath, it helps us move these energies. The Air Element of the January Super New Moon is also guiding us to open our minds and expand ourselves.

The January New Moon is also a Super MoonWhich means the Moon is closer to Earth and the gravitational pull is slightly stronger. We will feel the moon's renewal and manifestation energies slightly stronger. 

In addition, this January New Moon is the start of a new Lunar New YearThe Year of the Water RabbitThe rabbit is the symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity. It is predicted to be a year of hope! 

The January Super New Moon may activate divine...

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January Full Moon Guided Meditation | 8 Hz Theta | Wolf Spirit Activation | Let Go + Let in '23

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2023

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Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

Welcome to the January Full Moon Guided Meditation! I’m grateful to meditate with you under our first full moon of the year, 2023. The full moon will be at its fullest expression on January 6, 2023 at 3:08pm PST

The January Full Moon is also known as the Wolf Moon or the Birch Tree Moon. It carries a high level of heart centered, creative and nurturing energy. It can feel empowering, self reflective and also have us feeling like a lone wolf wandering through life seeking what’s next. 

This moon is in the water sign of Cancer. The moon is at home in this emotional and nurturing element. We may feel more emotional and more sensitive under this heart based watery Full Moon. If you can, honor what you feel and not what you fear. Water can feel calm in one moment and like a tsunami in the next. Be kind with yourself and feel all the feels during...

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December Super New Moon Guided Meditation | Manifest New Beginnings | Delta Hz Frequency


Welcome to the last New Moon of the Year!

Every new moon, The Moon starts a new cycle. As we emulate the cosmos, so do we! The December Super New Moon is the 2nd of 5 New Moons; all in 1 degree of their astrological sign. Meaning we are all cosmically going through cycles of brand new chapters personally and collectively. Only when a chapter ends can a new one begin.

New Moons are also designed to supercharge our manifesting and this being a Super Moon it's even more powerful to help us activate our intentions. This final new moon of the year is the turning point of our divine intentions. Our words are spells and we have the power to create our lives with every beat of our hearts. With every word, thought, dream and emotion. The December Super New Moon is here, waiting for our intentions.

The December Super New Moon is connected to a nurturing Earth Element; the astrological sign Capricorn. Which gently helps us ground into our inner and outer selves.

Reminding us that each one...

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December Full Moon | Guided Meditation | Let Go to Let In For New Year | 741 Hz Healing Frequency


Full Moon Blessings, #Wayshowers

The December Full Moon is connected to the very lively and fast moving Gemini Air Element. It’s a very playful and social energy. Often moving through at the speed of light. Where you may question if it even happened. You may even feel like you are literally buzzing and then the next breath, you may find yourself retreating back inside or inward. 

This Full Moon is asking us to become malleable and flexible like Air. To go with the flow of life. Letting go of rigidity to become like our breath, the ability to move in and out of energy and not becoming stagnant.

Under the December Full Moon; an astronomy anomaly is active called ‘The Great Attractor’. The enormous gravity of The Great Attractor acts as a vacuum and clears everything in its path. Shifting time and space and has the ability to bend light so we may get a glimpse of what’s behind a path that we take!

As our Human emulates Nature. Our Being emulates...

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November New Moon Guided Meditation | 417 Hz | Future Self Activation | Aim for the Stars 🏹 💫


New Moon Blessings, #Wayshower

The November New Moon is ruled by the element of Fire in Sagittarius. Guiding us to let go of anything and anyone that isn’t filled with integrity. Activating within us, an empowered state of being. Where we are no longer passive or spectators in our lives. 

Where we consciously CHOOSE to walk through fire to experience a higher expression of love, passion, joy and creation. With the understanding that we are no longer bound or defined by our past! We are FREE to aim our fire arrow and shoot for the stars! Our lives have infinite possibilities that are being created with every beat of our heart. Our future is ours for the taking!

Every new moon, the moon starts a new cycle. As we emulate the cosmos, so do we. In addition, the next 5 New Moon’s are all in 1 degree of their astrological sign. Meaning we are all cosmically going through cycles of brand new chapters personally and collectively. Only when a chapter ends can a new one...

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November Blood Moon Eclipse | 10 Hz Binaural Beats | Break Genetic Cords of Lack | Soul Activation


Welcome to the November Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Guided Meditation!

I’m honored to meditate with you under this highly transformative Total Blood Moon Eclipse. This a long eclipse with the duration being from November 8, 2022 at 1:09am through 4:49am PST. However, with eclipses we feel the effects for around six months, if not longer.

Within this meditation, I’ll guide you to release and break any generational and ancestral chains that still bind under the power of the lunar eclipse. Next, just as the light from the moon is brought into darkness during a lunar eclipse, so are we. I’ll guide you to integrate your divine light and shadow with the intention of becoming fully whole and stepping into the next phase of who you truly are and what you came here to be.

For an additional layer, the background music is 10 Hz Binaural Beats. Simply listening to that alone, moves us into an Alpha State. Which helps us relax, release stress and boosts serotonin.

The ...

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Meet Cherie Gillett Newest Guide in the Mooniverse 🫶🏼


I am so excited to announce the Mooniverse's newest guide, Cherie Gillett! Cherie is a Certified Trauma Counselor, Social Worker, Intuitive Guide and Wound Healer. Based along the Coast of beautiful Australia, she offers virtual services, in person workshops and courses. You can find her in one of her many healing workshops, healing surf retreats or capturing joy by surfing.

Cherie and I have worked together for years. When I created the Mooniverse, it was a dream of mine to have Cherie's healing work and practices within our membership. Thankfully she said yes! I hope that YOU find as much benefit from Cherie's work as I have. 

Healing my own wounds and trauma has felt like a full time job over the last few years. Have you felt this as well? Having a guide like Cherie who helps us dig deep to discover who we are at our Soul's core. Uncovering our true essence and in doing so, stepping into our sovereignty is quite empowering!

I invite you to meet Cherie in the...

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