Nancy Stevens

Life Coach , Author and Motivational Speaker


Nancy's journey of coming home to herself began in her mid-30s. Although she couldn't "name" what was going on - she felt out of balance as if her life was dictated by what everyone else was doing. She lived to please and felt it was her role to tend and care and show up perfectly. What this external way of being/living did was an open door to negative energy and feelings including frustration, anger, feeling worthless while at the same time seeking to gather worth based on how she was perceived and received by others.

The universe got her attention with a very painful breakup with a good friend - her "sister" in life. It was here in this dark place where she finally sat with her feelings and energy. The universe held space for her to discern to either give up and settle or take some steps to heal and grow. She stepped up and took an offer to take her first-ever yoga class. This experience was life opening at a deep level - that who she was at her core and her needs mattered. From this place, she continued to take and study yoga. Nancy learned and absorbed energy. Eventually, she became trained to teach yoga and this door opened up to training and professional credentialing as a Life and Health coach.

Nancy now uses what she learned from yoga along with coaching to heal, encourage and energize others - to live fully in who Ishe is and seek to empower others to find and grow into who they are meant to be - beautifully authentic.

Nancy's Summit Schedule

January 1st: Your Beautiful Self-Care Journey

Listen to Nancy's masterclass on mindfulness and everyday tools for your physical and emotional health. She will be explaining what mindfulness is and .... very important: why this matters to each of us today in the world we live in! She will also discuss autopilot or 'hamster wheel living'  vs the mode of being present in and with what is going on inside and outside ofus. Lastly, she will teach practical tips to bring in the lifestyle practice of mindfulness using examples, and sharing tools and strategies.

Exclusive Offer From Nancy

During this week long event Nancy is offering all participants a free digital and printable journal prompt. She is also giving a deep discount on her course: " Letting Go" - Release,Reset,Renew. A Busy Women's 6 week course for finding and becoming balanced and whole.


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