Charlie Maginness

Charlie works with people 1-on-1, in groups, and also in retreat settings in an explosive and dynamic fashion to enable transformation.



Born curious and unafraid to question reality, Charlie naturally began to explore the depths of his experience of life. His sharing comes from a place of experience. His learnings come from a place of practice. His vitality came from his own transformation. 

Fueled by growth and inspiration, Charlie takes those who work with him on a journey into the deepest aspects of themselves. His personal journey into the depths of his mind, emotions and spirit has enabled him to discover patterns, rhythms, imprints that are within us all - and then use his intuition and wisdom to guide others in their own personal journeys.  

From learning first hand, he has the ability to clearly see the individual he is with and call upon the most impactful tools for that person's personal growth. A joy to be with, and a powerful coach that will genuinely transform your world. He understands how your uniqueness is so vitally important.

Charlie's Summit Schedule

 December 29th:  Human Design - The Projector Movement

Join Charlie for his masterclass on Human Design for Projectors.  He will explain why projectors are here to 'step up' at this specific time and how play to the strengths of the Projector Human Design.  

Exclusive Offer From Charlie

During this week long event Charlie is giving every summit participant a free 75 minute Human Design training, as well as deep discounts on his 6-week Online Course For Projectors!


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