Alexander Kriech

Clairvoyant, Numerologist, and Reiki Healer


Alex is a formally trained clairvoyant and psychic.  He often sees pictures, symbols, and colors that convey energetic information that he interprets and uses to help clients better understand their current growth cycle and soul callings.


Alex has his own unique way of looking at numbers and he knows that your name and birth date are no accident! Your soul chose the exact moment it was to be born, and the name it was to go by in this incarnation. Using just your birth date and full birth name, I tune into your character, natural talents and abilities, and life's purpose.

Reiki Healer

Alex often comes across energy blocks when doing readings for his clients and this naturally led him to becoming certified as a Reiki Healer.  He uses Reiki to help to clear stagnant, unhelpful energies from his client's field. 


Alex stumbled upon Numerology at 19, during his first year of college. Somehow, he knew THAT was what he was supposed to be doing. His passion for the Spiritual world ballooned, and within a year he had taken formal training to learn about Numerology and began doing readings for others.

This passion for Numerology quickly led down other avenues. When doing Numerology readings for others, he was feeling and knowing things that were not in their Numerology charts.

By 2015, just like he had accidentally, yet easily, found Numerology, he stumbled onto a formal Clairvoyant/Psychic training program. While taking classes every Saturday and learning about Spirit Guides, the Chakras, and the Aura, and how the Universe worked, he discovered that an intuitive/psychic ability was something that came very naturally  (once he got his rational mind out of the way!). It was an exhilarating and transformative journey. 

That’s why he loves what he does (and we do to!).  Developing his intuitive skills, and healing himself and others is his true passion. Join Alex and explore your Soul’s journey together!


Alex's Summit Schedule

 December 27th:  The Numerology of 2020: Your Personal Year 

Listen in as Alex shares the energy of 2020 as it affects the collective, and then provides a short tutorial on calculating your Personal Year vibration for 2020. He will also read the energy of each Personal Year, so viewers at home can check their own year vibration. 

Exclusive Offer From Alex

During this week long event offering his e-book on the Numerology of 2020! He will also be offering an in-depth Numerology report, based on your birth info, on what you can expect for the next 12 months, for only $35! This deeply discounted price is only for summit participants!


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