Christina Winslow

Best Selling Author, Hypnotherapist, Entrepreneur and Teacher


Christina is certified in multiple hypnotherapy modalities; and is a Registered Hypnotherapist with the State of Colorado and founder of Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM,


Christina is an international bestselling author of the "Essential Oils Business Book" and soon to be released "Your Most Profitable Product is You" and her Alchemy of the Mind™ Series. 


Christina has taught thousands of students and business owners from around the world in her popular live and online courses and certification programs.


Christina Winslow, founder of Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM, best-selling author, owner of Big Country Publishing and creator of Alchemy of the MindTM. Christina brings training and support
through her teaching, consultations, writing, and speaking engagements. She began her formal education at UNC, earning a BA Journalism and Mass Communications.

She is certified in multiple hypnotherapy modalities; and is a Registered Hypnotherapist with the State of Colorado. Christina offers her students and clients a unique perspective of the wellness industry from her in depth and well-rounded experience in the alternative health business, publishing industry and corporate world. Currently, Christina is extensively involved in the research and development of brainwave entrainment technology and its effect on the subconscious mind as a co-founder of SOUNDSYNCTECH.


Christina's Summit Schedule

 January 1stSolving the Mysteries of your Life Source

Dive deep into Quantum Healing and other realms through spiritual hypnosis with Christina Winslow! She speaks of how we can heal ourselves and our ancestral lineage at a quantum level.



Exclusive Offer From Christina

During this week long event Christina is giving every summit participant her Winter Solstice Meditation 372Hz Download. She is also offering a huge discount on her WELLPOINT HYPNOSIS METHOD LEVEL I ONLINE CERTIFICATION!!!

Find the Energetic Source of Any Issue & Instantly Change It with Spiritual Hypnosis 


Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM assists you in solving the mystery of your life, connecting you to the desires and intentions of your Soul, and creating lasting change. Through a unique spiritual hypnosis technique combined with the specialized brainwave frequencies from SOUNDSYNCTECHTM, Wellpoint Hypnosis sessions provide you a path to the subconscious & superconscious mind...breaking through blocks and barriers, unlocking your highest potential, and finding your purpose in life. 


  • Discover past lives, experiences between lives, parallel realties, future live, multidimensional lives & time travel

  • Release what no longer serves you, and embrace what does

  • Learn to move beyond the confines of conditioned or inherited behavior

  • Ask questions & receive information about your health, life, lost history, truth, and secrets of the universe

  • Re-set, re-calibrate, re-invent, and re-write your story or timeline for your dream life

  • Discover what your purpose in life is

  • Uncover any patterns, programs or belief systems that are contributing to your health, relationship, or money issues 

  • Reach the Unconscious storage of beliefs, programs, patterns, and behaviors to change your life 

  • Find out why you chose your family, body, health challenges, geographic location before you were born 

  • Access your creativity in a way you have never experienced before 


Christina's FREE OFFER: Winter Solstice Meditation 372Hz by Christina Winslow MP3 Download 


Normally $20  - Free for all Masterclass Participants!




Learn At Your Home or Office - No Experience Necessary 



  • Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM Level I Online Certification  

  • 12 Months of Group Training & Support through the WHM Alumni Association


For A Limited Time Only: $675.00 a $1,245.00 Value (Offer Expires January 31, 2020) 


This is a comprehensive 50-hour training designed, specifically, to educate one with the skills, background, and understanding of the vast scope of spiritual hypnosis, quantum journeys, afterlife experience sessions, and contacting the Soul Consciousness RealmTM With this unique set of tools, skills, and resources one will be fully prepared to effectively guide the practice in both private and group situations. Level 1 certification will provide the Wellpoint Hypnosis Method TM Practitioners trademarked brainwave frequencies by SOUNDSYNCTECHTM to use in sessions and workshops. 


Level 1 Class: 

  • Learn Hypnosis basics and history 

  • Learn one on one spiritual hypnosis sessions for in-person appointments and how to conduct remote sessions via Zoom or Skype. 

  • How to access the Quantum Field WithinTM through your subconscious mind, higher self 

  • How to deal with more challenging issues: earthbound entity attachments, contracts, programs, implants, inner child work, ego resistance, soul fragments, and more 

  • Brainwave entrainment, solfeggio frequencies, quantum physics and how they will assist you as a spiritual hypnosis practitioner 

  • Learn how to use the Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM frequencies for your individual sessions and group workshops. These specialized frequencies are not available for sale or licensed for use by any other Hypnotherapist Professionals not certified by Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM 

  • How to create a professional hypnosis business 

  • How to conduct spiritual hypnosis while keeping your own belief systems. This is a method that does not require or use any outside spirits, religious or spiritual belief systems! 


Level 1 Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM Practitioners are certified to provide:

1.) Wellpoint Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions: 4-5 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTMPractitioner (in person only)

2.) Wellpoint Quantum Regression Session (Past-Life Regression): 1-3 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTMPractitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc)

3.) Wellpoint Quantum Regression Session (Afterlife Experience): 1-3 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method TMPractitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc)

4.) Wellpoint Quantum Progression Session (Future Life): 1-3 hour session with a Certified Wellpoint Hypnosis Method TMPractitioner (in person or via skype, zoom, etc) 

There are no prerequisites to take this course. We have Practitioners who have never taken an online class before about wellness and master esoteric teachers and spiritual leaders. The Wellpoint Hypnosis MethodTM Online Course attracts people from all over the world and from a wide range of personal, spiritual, and professional backgrounds. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts when you register and you have 60 days to take the online course which is based on our 5 day, live class. For your convenience, we have broken the course up into 8 Sections, you will have 7 days a week/24 hours a day access to watch the videos and download the pdf materials. Every 7-10 days, you will have access to new sections. Each section builds upon the last and we have designed the course to be easy to incorporate into even the busiest lifestyle.

How long do I have access to the course? 

After enrolling, you have 60 days to finish the course. You will not have access after 60 days; however, you will receive group monthly support as an Alumni Association Member for 12 months as our free gift, a $250.00 Value.

What if I do not wish to continue the course?

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Just email us within 30 days of your purchase date for a full refund. 


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