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Basics of Energy Offer

September 2020 Special ✨

Learn the basics of grounding, tapping into Mother Earth and the Cosmo's, how to protect your energetic space during these intense times and how to let go of anyone or anything within your energy field.

In this 3 course offer, you'll learn:

Class 1: How and why it's important to Ground yourself. You'll learn how to access the Center of Your Head, which is the master control position of your mind, body and soul. Finally you'll finish the class learning how to replenish your energy.

Class 2: You'll learn the basics of energy and how to sense and reclaim your energy by running just yours and no one else's. You'll then learn how to pull in Earth Energy to help you become even more grounded. Finally, we'll close the class with learning how to access higher frequency Divine Cosmic Energy and allow this to stabilize your divine support system.

Class 3: You'll learn one of my favorite Energy Tools- Metaphoric Roses 🌹In this powerful class, you'll learn how to protect your space and energy. How to release any non-beneficial energies from your body, chakras and aura. Finally, you'll learn how 'matching energy' can be used to heal yourself!  

You will also receive a downloadable Psychic Journal for you to journal throughout your classes as well as downloadable notes for each class.

Upon purchase of the Basics of Energy, you will be prompted to create a log in with password. This will provide you with unlimited lifetime access to your classes and any additional classes you may take at The Psychic Soul. 

To learn in more detail about the program, please visit HERE.