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Manifesting Under the Moon Membership: Manifest Your Higher Self + Dream Life Under the Moon

A powerful journey of transformation with somatic practices designed to support your awakening, self actualization and the manifestation of the life you have always wanted!

🌟 What's Included in our NEW AND IMPROVED Manifesting Under the Moon Membership 2.0? 🌟

  • 🪐 INCLUDES OUR NEW MOON AND FULL  MOON REMOTE HEALING + DISTANCE REIKI MEMBERSHIP Crystal and Aurora will tap into the intuitive energies of the moon cycles with remote healing and Distance Reiki transmissions for our members. No matter where you are in the world, align with the rhythms of the cosmos as you receive gentle waves of healing to balance your mind, body, and spirit. These are not livestreams.
  • 🌙 Intuitive Dance + Movement Somatic Practices: Through movement, we release physical and subtle body tensions, enabling you to "whole," increase self-awareness, and cultivate a deeper connection with your authentic self – the best version of yourself.
  • 🌕 Moon Mantra Somatic Release Practice: We focus on recalibrating the throat center, where the power of manifestation resides, by using moon mantras and somatic techniques to release blockages, find your true voice, and manifest from the best version of yourself.
  • 🧘‍♀️Weekly Live Gentle Yoga: Our gentle yoga sessions, help you balance your body, mind, and spirit, fostering self-love, "wholing," and self-awareness, ensuring that your manifestations reflect the best version of yourself.
  • 🪐 New Moon + Full Moon Astrological + Manifesting Insights + Strategies
  • 🌟New and Full Moon Energy Tune-In: Stay attuned to the shifting energies each week, helping you navigate life with grace and intention, and manifest from a place of alignment with your best self.
  • 🧘‍♀️Weekly Live Intuitive Reiki Body Scan Meditation
  • 🎶 Solfeggio Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of Solfeggio frequencies to align your energy centers, increase self-awareness, and enhance your well-being, ensuring your manifestations are in alignment with the best version of yourself.
  • 📖 Somatic Journal Full Moon Release Practices: Journaling becomes a powerful tool for self-reflection, "wholing," and release, as you work through the emotional layers that may be holding you back, promoting increased self-awareness and manifestation from your best self.
  • 🙌 Affirmations: Harness the power of positive affirmations to reshape your mindset, increase self-awareness, and manifest your true desires, rooted in the best version of yourself.
  • 📚Transformational Journals: Dive deep into transformational journaling to explore your inner self, connect with your higher Self, and align your path with the best version of yourself.
  • 🍵 Witchy Simmer Pots for Setting Intentions: Discover the magic of simmer pots, infusing your intentions with ancient wisdom, as we explore the potent symbolism of herbs and spices. These rituals will ensure your manifestations reflect the best version of yourself.
  • 🍵 Cosmically Curated Tea Recipes: Nourish your body and soul with teas crafted to align with cosmic energy, promoting healing, well-being, "wholing," and self-awareness, thus empowering you to manifest from your best self.
  • 🎨 Meditative Coloring Books: Dive into the world of creativity and relaxation with our specially designed coloring books, helping you unwind, explore your artistic side, and increase self-awareness, manifesting from your best self.
  • 💎 Rituals, Crystal, Essential Oil, and Self-Care Suggestions: We offer guidance on incorporating rituals, crystals, essential oils, and self-care practices into your daily life, all attuned to the cosmic energies, promoting holistic well-being, "wholing," and increased self-awareness, ensuring that your manifestations align with the best version of yourself.

Our methodology is rooted in the wisdom of the body and soul and the influence of the cosmos, honoring the profound impact these celestial forces have on our lives. By harmonizing with these energies, we create a sacred space for self-discovery, healing, "wholing," alchemy and transformation, enabling you to manifest the best version of yourself and activating a life filled with joy, ease, well being, vitality and abundance. 

Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, "wholing," healing, and manifestation under the moon's nurturing light. Together, we will embrace our higher Selves, release the past, increase self-awareness, and manifest the best version of ourselves – a life that aligns with our truest desires and reflects our most authentic, healed, and whole self, guided by the intuitive wisdom of the cosmos. 🌌🚀

🔥 Unlock Your Manifesting Potential Today! CANCEL AT ANY TIME!🔥

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a member of Manifesting Under the Moon. Our monthly membership offers you unlimited access to a wealth of transformative practices, empowering resources, and a vibrant community of like-minded manifestors. Join us now and start your journey toward manifesting your dream life and embodying the best version of yourself. Remember, the power to create your reality lies within you. Let the moon be your guide!

What People Are Saying:

This excites me massively! I have never felt so empowered to follow through with manifesting as I do now. Meditating, manifesting, saying affirmations and feeling highly grateful for a solid period of time, feels incredible. I am so much calmer, happier and seeing more positive everything!


You are amazing! I felt the energy in your words and am, yet again, amazed with all of you. This is what I have been looking for on my journey. A way to deepen in a clear way. I am so grateful to you all and I appreciate all that you have done to assist me!


So Blessed to be here Ladies 💜🌟💜 The energy is marvelous 😉🌟💜🌟


At this moment....I feel full of thankfulness & gratitude to have found you all! I have been craving this type of energy and can feel all of the YUMMINESS happening!


This was so powerful, thank you! I feel myself stepping back into my power. I felt the anger for those times I was told I was "too much". I am exactly enough. I am strong, wild, caring, full of love, wise & divine. I needed this so deeply. To remember I am untamable & unstoppable. Feels good to be reminded!