Hi #Wayshower! Meet Sabrina

Co-host of Soulstice Summit. Owner of The Next Step Corp. Self Development Specialist. 

Hi #Wayshower! Meet Sabrina

Co-host of Soulstice Summit. Owner of The Next Step. Self Development Specialist. 

Sabrina Erneman

"Through my own self growth and life experiences as a former executive leader within the construction industry, I have transitioned my career path and created ‘’The Next Step’’, a company specializing in self development. 

My focus is to help others navigate change and provide empowerment within themselves to successfully make important transitions in their lives! 

Personal growth is vital for development of human beings. The more I grew, the more I found it difficult to accept the traditional rules and beliefs. I had found the “roadmap to success” in my life however, that roadmap had plenty of obstacles and “road closures” so I had to think outside of the box in order to get results. 

As a real example of major change, I chose to take my skillsets and transition careers because I felt I could develop myself further. Those skillsets are my core competencies that are aligned with leadership, organization, risk management, mediation, creative thinking, collaboration, setting & maintaining expectations, communication, and problem solving that I have honed over 25 years. 

In addition to these skillsets, I have studied various modalities that address the subject of the subconscious. The reason behind this was to get to the heart of some of the challenges that presented themselves to me along my path and the path of the people that looked to me for answers, which were unconsciously holding us back from finding solutions. It can be said that the subconscious is the super highway to aligning to your own answers. Not every challenge had an obvious solution and that was where I wanted to learn to hack into it! 

I trained and practiced various methods to address subconscious matters within myself that brought a totally new perspective. So together, I have combined my longstanding career experience with the technical studies of the subconscious to develop fusion techniques that will provide you with simple tools in a structured approach to allow you to clearly define and achieve your Next Step!"

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Sabrina's Talk & Activation

Sabrina is going to speak of how to be your own self advocate. She believes that people pleasing, false-guilt, old beliefs or “not wanting to color outside the lines” can be some of the reasons we choose to do something we do not really want to do. Maybe worse, do something that does not serve our highest and best interests. 

She’ll speak of why the subconscious is so important to us. As well as why change making can be so challenging! 

For Sabrina’s activation segment, she'll provide a tutorial and demonstration on Self Muscle Testing. This is an applied kinesiology technique to tap into the subconscious to get clear answers based on yes/no questions. 

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A word from your Host's

We thought it would be a fun addition to interview each other for the Soulstice Summit as some 'bonus' content! We hope that you enjoy us interviewing each other as well as our personalized activation segments! This is a project of love for us, so thank YOU #Wayshower!

-Sabrina & Crystal

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